The trees were calling…

The past three months have been a whirlwind. I’ve been speaking, teaching and judging quite a lot which I truly enjoy. However, it takes up a lot of time so I haven’t been able to work on art pieces very much. When the Bradford Pear Trees start blooming I always think, “Oh I need to grab someone and go shoot with those gorgeous white trees!” But they always seem to turn green before I have the time to coordinate with a model. So this year I just photographed the trees by themselves. A client of ours has a long, curved, driveway lined with them and he graciously agreed to let me photograph there. That was a few weeks ago and I could not stop thinking about them! Then after a long week of catching up on all the things waiting on me after my travels I started getting itchy to do another Luxe piece. I have a few in the works that are percolating but I needed to do one with those trees. It’s weird how that works, I literally feel anxious and frustrated if I don’t get to do art pieces on a regular basis. And the trees were calling. But I digress. Anyway about the time I’m nearly pacing the floor and close to climbing the walls my daughter Paige comes home from college for an appointment. I asked her if she would please just do a super fast session for me so I could get those trees out of my head. She graciously agreed. We only had 20 minutes before she had to leave again. She wasn’t wearing any makeup or anything but it’s like everything just fell into place. Here are the two before images and the final piece that has now freed up some space in my brain and stopped the itching. For now anyway.

A Luxe piece by Dawn Muncy

Original image from the Luxe Piece Snow Queen by Dawn Muncy

Original image from a Luxe Piece by Dawn Muncy

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