2016 Senior Model Search is Happening NOW! | NW Oklahoma


2016 Senior Model Search

Its that time of year already!

We are looking for 2016 High School Seniors who want to be FABULOUS!

Our Senior Model Program is a way to be the first 2016 high school seniors to get to show off the latest styles and techniques by one of the country’s best photographers!

  • Earn discounts, cash and free stuff!
  • You don’t have to “look like a model” to get in!
  • Show off the real YOU!
  • Look AMAZING and be FABULOUS!

Time is limited, APPLY NOW!



What is it all about?


It is simple, we are looking for highly motivated 2016 high school Seniors to represent Muncy Photography to your fellow classmates and your community.  In return for that we are willing to give you free sessions, first access to exclusive new products, discounts off your print order and the opportunity for cash bonuses.

Why should you become a Senior Model?

You get to be photographed by one of the hottest senior portrait studios in the state!

You will be photographed by Enid’s ONLY Master Photographer!

You will be famous – we will put your photos on our mailers, website, online marketing and in our photo displays throughout town!

You will get a free smart phone app to show off to You can earn free sessions!

You can earn huge discounts on your print order!

You can choose as many different poses for your prints as you want at no additional cost!

You will get free images, slideshows and other social media materials to help you get more referrals!

Your friends will earn discounts just by mentioning your name when they book their session!

You will earn cash bonuses for referrals!

You will get a personalized senior session and the BEST senior portraits in school!

Space is limited, APPLY NOW!

Chisholm High School 2015 Senior Model - Muncy Photography, Enid, Ok

Lacy – 2015 Muncy Photography Senior Model from Chisholm High School, Enid, Ok

We are accepting applications from Enid High School, Chisholm High School, Pioneer – Pleasant Vale  High School, Waukomis High School, Oklahoma Bible Academy, Kremlin-Hillsdale High School, Garber High School, Drummond High School, Covington-Douglas High School, Cimarron High School, Deer Creek-Lamont High School, Medford High School, Pond Creek-Hunter High School, Wakita High School, Aline-Cleo High School, Burlington High School, Cherokee High School, Timberlake High School, Ringwood High School, Crescent High School, Cashion High School, Dover High School, Hennessey High School, Kingfisher High School, Lomega High School, Okarche High School, Canton High School, Okeene High School, Watonga High School, or any other high school in Oklahoma or southern Kansas.  We also welcome home school students to apply.

Don’t be intimidated by the word “model”, we do not base our decision on body type, modeling experience or anything associated with the traditional definition of fashion models.  We base our decision on proprietary set of criteria that include character, eagerness to be involved, willingness to promote Muncy Photography and other similar things.  We encourage anyone interested to apply, the program works equally well for everyone.

You Can Do It, APPLY NOW!

Blessing of the Bikes | Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ | Enid, Ok

Betty and Van posing with their Harley Davidson trike at the Blessing of the Bikes in downtown Enid, Ok

Betty and Van at the First Baptist Church of Enid’s Blessing of the Bikes in Downtown Enid, Ok

My folks came down to Enid this weekend to participate in the First Baptist Church of Enid’s Blessing of the Bikes during the Roberts Ranch Smoking’ Red Dirt BBQ being held downtown.  Aren’t they just too cute!  After the blessing they enjoyed the excellent weather by participating in the Marble Run that went through Waukomis, Covington and back to Enid.  And nothing follows up a good ride better than some BBQ for lunch!!!

I was asked to go up in the bucket on the Enid Fire Department’s ladder truck to take photos of the ceremony.  Originally I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get the American Flag in the photo, but the wind was in my favor today!  I was able to capture a great image of the flag flying out over those who attended and their bikes.  I was very excited!

On the way down I noticed below me the firefighters recovering the flag, making sure it was treated with respect and never letting it touch the ground.  They did an impressive job!

What a fun morning! And I got to spend time with my folks!  WIN, WIN!!




Backlit American Flag being displayed from the Enid Fire Department's ladder truck

Backlit American Flag being displayed from the Enid Fire Department’s ladder truck

Bikers being blessed under the American flag in downtown Enid, Ok

First Baptist Church of Enid’s First Annual Blessing of the Bikes during the Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ in downtown Enid, Ok

Dawn Muncy, of Muncy Photography, taking photos from the top of the Enid Fire Department's ladder truck.

That’s me way up there!

Enid, ok firefighters recovering the American Flag they were displaying off of their ladder truck.

Enid firefighters recovering a huge American flag as it is being lowered.

District Competition Results

Dawn entered four images in last week’s Southwest Professional Photographer Associations District Print Competition, a district that includes eight states, and brought home a few awards!  Three of the four images scored high enough to be “Deserving of Merit” (merits become official when the images go through the PPA International Print Competition later this year), and one of those images, Chalk Up Another Win,” won a third place ribbon for Best High School Portrait, and another, “Pointe of Grace” won a Fuji Masterpiece Award – in the Portrait category (very hard to get) and the trophy for Best Portrait.  The third merit worthy print, “Butterfly Heaven” didn’t win a ribbon or a crystal.  The fourth print, “Rhapsody on Blue,” was one point below the merit category with a score of 79.  Ironically, that same image scored the highest out of the four images at the state competition!?!  Perhaps the panel of judges just wasn’t in the mood for blue flowers that day…


“Rhapsody on Blue” was a image of a bouquet of blue orchids that Dawn got from Uptown Floral.  “Butterfly Heaven” was an image of our daughter Paige in a full length dress, with a print reminiscent of a monarch butterfly, laying in a field of yellow flowers.  Personally, this image was my favorite, but they say I’m prejudiced!  “Chalk Up Another Win” in an image of Enid High Class of 2014 graduate Luis Maciel pounding chalk off of his hands.  The explosion of chalk dust and Luis’ expression make an extremely powerful impact on viewers.  “Pointe of Grace” is a beautiful image of local dancer Sarah Harman.  Sarah and Paige study dance together at Dance Works of Enid just down the block from our studio.  We will have to let everyone know when we are able to get the prints put on display for everyone to view.  Below I have copied the announcement I wrote up for the camera club we belong to.  It tells a little more about the competition and list the other Oklahoma photography artists that won awards for their prints too.


Southwest PPA’s 2015 District Photography Competition was held January 8-9 in San Marcos, Texas.  I couldn’t find the stats anywhere , but it looks like more than 650 entries this year.  For those that don’t know, the SWPPA district consists of eight states; Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.  Oklahoma artists did very well again this year, as they do every year!  Here is a list of awards won by our fellow Oklahomans.

“Best High School Senior Portrait“ – Third Place Ribbon – “Chalk Up Another Win” by Dawn MuncyDawn Muncy's 1st Place Portrait Award from 2015 SWPPA District Print Competition

“Best Children’s Portrait“ – First Place Crystal – “Addy Rattles On” By Mary Waters

“Best Children’s Portrait“ – Second Place Ribbon – “Bashful” by Leslie Hoyt

“Best Portrait“ – First Place Crystal – “Pointe of Grace” By Dawn Muncy

Fuji Masterpiece Award Portrait – “Pointe of Grace” By Dawn Muncy

Canon Par Excellence Award, Master Artist – Ann Naugher

4 for 4 Pin Award Winners – Leslie Hoyt, Amanda Lundy, Ann Naugher, Kimberly Smith, Mary Waters

Oklahoma High Print Case District Award – Ann Naugher with 346 points

Also noteworthy, Rhonda Smith had two prints score “Worthy of Merit” which will seal and be sent to Nationals for her first print merits ever!

The next time you see them be sure to say Congratulations to all of the award winners!

The full list of print scores and winners can be found on SWPPA.com.

– Doug Muncy

One Day Only – Small Business Saturday

small business saturday


Small Business Saturday Sale – ONE DAY ONLY

To Celebrate our 11th Anniversary in Downtown Enid we are offering

$11 Studio Sessions

for December

It’s as simple as

1) Call 580-233-0570 or email the studio on Saturday, November 29th

2) Leave your name and phone number

3) We will call you on Monday to book your session

* Not valid for HS Senior sessions

** Not valid Dec. 24th – 28th, full holiday session fees apply for the holiday weekend

Chisholm High School Football Photos

Chisholm High School in Enid Football


We had the opportunity to attend a Chisholm High School football game for the first time in a long time.  Unfortunately I was running a little behind and I didn’t get there as early as I had wanted too.  There was a very long line to get into the game so I missed the opening plays… It is good, though, to see so many people coming out to support Chisholm even though it was pretty chilly and a little windy that evening.  We have posted the images I captured on our website for everyone to go look at.  The instructions to access them are below.

CHS Football - EnidCHS Football - EnidCHS Football - Enid CHS Football - Enid CHS Football - EnidCHS Football - Enid


To see the gallery;

1) Use your favorite web browser to go to http://muncyphotography.com

2) In the upper right hand corner select the “View your Images” link

3) From the list provided select the Chisholm High Football gallery

4) Enter the access code: chs-fb


Questions about ordering?

Please read the directions HERE.

Enid High School Football Photos

Enid High School Plainsmen Football

The Enid High School Plainsmen football photos are now online ready for you to view and order.  The gallery format has changed a little this year.  There will be one gallery for all photos for the year.  Within that gallery each event we are able to photograph will be in its own sub-gallery.  This way you will only have to know one password and you will be able to order from multiple events in the same shopping cart.

Enid High School Plainsmen Football Enid High School Plainsmen Football

Enid High School Plainsmen Football Enid High School Plainsmen Football

To see the gallery;

1) Use your favorite web browser to go to http://muncyphotography.com

2) In the upper right hand corner select the “View your Images” link

3) From the list provided select the Enid High Football gallery

4) Enter the access code: ehsfootball


Questions about ordering?

Please read the directions HERE.

Enid High Band Photos for 2014 Can Be Found Online

Enid High School Band

This year we have changed the format of our online gallery to help make it easier to find images throughout the year.  The Enid High Band will have its own gallery throughout the year where we will post images from all of the events we are able to photograph.  Each event will be in its own sub-gallery to make it easy to narrow down your search.  At any time you will be able to go in and browse through all of the different events and pick your favorite images.  You can order images from multiple sub-galleries all at the same time if you wish, or you can order from each event as the year progresses.

Below I have posted instructions on how to access and order prints.  It is a little long winded because I imagine that there are quite a few people who are not familiar with our online gallery.  You probably only need to read the “How to order” portion if you have questions while going through the process, but it is pretty easy most of the time.
Enid High School Band Enid High School Band








To see the gallery;

1) Use your favorite web browser to go to http://muncyphotography.com

2) In the upper right hand corner select the “View your Images” link

3) From the list provided select the Enid High Band gallery

4) Enter the access code

The access code will be distributed several ways.  We will ask the band instructors to send it out via their email notification system, we will hand it out to the parents and students who attend the meeting tonight (Sept 11th, 2014), we will post it on the band boosters Facebook page, and you can always email or call us here at the studio.  The access code is not really a “secret,” but I would like to keep it amongst the band and their families as much as possible…


Enid High School Band Enid High School Band Enid High School Band Enid High School Band


To order images;

Mark your favorites – If you create an account for yourself you will be able to mark your favorites by clicking on the heart symbol under the images you like and it will save your favorites for you so you will have them each time you log in.

Add to the Shopping Cart – There is a shopping cart icon under each image, click on it and it will give you all of the different products available for that image.  PLEASE read the description for each item, some items are add-on items meaning that you have to order at least one photo print before you can order any add-on items.  This is true for EACH order that you place, but you can order as many add-ons per order as you want once that requirement has been fulfilled.

Notes – There are two places you can enter notes to us.  You can enter a note on each individual print, or one for the entire order itself.  Please take advantage of this if you have any special requests or need to provide us any additional information.

Shipping – You may choose to have your items shipped directly to you or you may pick up your order here at the studio.  Shipping orders will be mailed USPS.

In Studio Pick-up – Studio pick ups will be notified by phone when they are ready.  You may pick them up Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00am to 5:30pm, we usually take a lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30.  Our schedule is determined primarily by our clients’ needs, so there are times when both of us have appointments at the same time, or possibly even both are gone at overlapping times and we would have to temporarily lock the studio during regular business hours.  We always recommend that you call first so that we can be sure to make your trip in to the studio as hassle free as possible.

Sales Tax – The Oklahoma Tax Code states that all photography services and products subject to sales tax.  Shipping charges are not charged sales tax.

Payment – All orders must be pre-paid before we will process the order.  Our online payment system is secure so you can be sure that your credit/debit card payments are safe.  You may pay by cash or check if you wish, we will hold your order for seven (7) days to give you time to come in to the studio to make a payment or to mail a check.  Please do not mail cash.

Cancellations/Refunds – Due to the high cost of credit card transactions and the unique personal nature of photo products all sales are final and we will not issue refunds.  In the event that there is a mistake on your order please contact us right away and we will take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

Delivery time – We are not a high volume, quick turn around studio.  We emphasize quality over quantity so everything we produce goes through a professional lab to ensure the best quality product.  Our turn around time is three to four weeks.

Questions and/or comments – The fastest way to reach us is by phone at 580-233-0570.  You can send an email to us at info@muncyphotography.com.  You can leave a comment below.  You can come in to the studio, but we recommend you call first to make sure we are not both in an appointment when you arrive, we don’t like to have to make you wait on us.  You can FB message us, but we only check it once or twice per day and we are not likely to respond after hours.


Chisholm HS First Football Game of the Season

Austin and Taggart play their first game of the season tonight at Okeene.  Here are a couple images from their Senior Sessions.


Good Luck tonight!


Taggart - 2015 Chisholm High School Senior Model


Austin - 2015 Senior Model at Chisholm HS

Fashion Mini Sessions!

Fashion Week is coming to Enid!

In honor of this momentous occasion we will be featuring Fashion Mini Sessions July 9th and 10th, 9am to 4pm. If you’ve ever wanted to do a fashion photo shoot or start a modeling portfolio this is the perfect opportunity! Mini session includes one outfit, makeup and three high res images on CD for $150.

“Rent Our Dresses” will have dresses available for rent for an additional $25. Check them out at the Rent Our Dresses Facebook page.

All participants will be entered into our “Fashion Week Faces” Facebook contest.

Ages 12 and up, male and female welcome!

By appointment only so call now to reserve your session! 580.233.0570.



Four Local Models Score Big in Texas

Back from SWPPA!!


Last week I spent several days in Texas at the Southwest Professional Photographers annual Convention and District Image Competition. Wow, that’s mouthful! I have so much to talk about I barely know where to start. The best parts of attending any Professional Photographers of America (PPA) affiliated convention is getting to see all of my talented friends, sharing hugs, viewing the competition prints, and even learning some new things about both photography and business. Meeting up with friends and getting to spend time catching up is definitely my favorite thing about conventions.  I think I hugged til my arms were sore.


4 for 4 pin from SWPPA 2014

My new “4 for 4″ pin

My second favorite thing is image competition. There’s just something addictive about it.  Even when you don’t do as well as you hoped it is still very exciting to see all the images that everyone submitted. It is always interesting to hear what the judges have to say about all the images too.  Fortunately my images did really well this year.  For the first time in my many years of competition I merited all four images that I entered at the SWPPA District level. What a great feeling knowing that going into the International Print Competition in July my images already have their seals and will go strait to the next level of judging. WHEW! They even give you a nifty little pin to signify the award.

The down side to competition is that I can’t share these images until they get past this stage.  So all of my dear friends who have modeled for me are dying to see their photographs. Well wait no more! The titles, models and scores are as follows. Bonnie and Clyde (Rebecca Ralstin and Jonathan Suttmiller) scored an 83, Scarlet Muse (Paige Muncy) scored an 80, The Wordsmith (Robert Barron) scored a 90,  and Uncaged (Jara Lemmon) scored an 81.

I could not be more excited! I had the best models a photographer could ask for!

While at the convention I was also honored to be asked to teach posing and lighting one on one in the SWPPA Photo Bay on Saturday afternoon. It’s very rewarding to give back to the associations and to teach up and coming photographers. I look forward to doing it again.


I also attended a number of seminars on high school seniors, marketing and even some on landscape photography. AND I bought three new backgrounds. (Don’t tell Doug!) So if you’ve been waiting to make an appointment now would be a great time!

Last but not least I have to give a shout out to my Oklahoma photographer friends who are always pushing me to work harder and be better every single day. You know who you are. And a special thanks to Doug and Paige who put up with me around competition time and trust me when I say that is no easy task.  I couldn’t do it without them.

Next stop, PPA International Print Competition!


Uncaged by Dawn Muncy

Uncaged (Jara Lemmon) scored an 81 at Southwest Professional Photographers association’s District Competition

The Wordsmith by Dawn Muncy

The Wordsmith (Robert Barron) scored a 90 at the Southwest Professional Photographers Association’s District Competition

Scarlet Muse by Dawn Muncy

Scarlet Muse (Paige Muncy) scored an 80 at Southwest Professional Photographers Association’s District Competition

Bonnie and Clyde by Dawn Muncy

Bonnie and Clyde (Rebecca Ralstin and Jonathan Suttmiller) scored an 83 at Southwest Professional Photographers Association’s District Competition